Do You Need Quiet?

By on December 1, 2013

We are in the middle of a remodel. Dust is everywhere. Screeching saws cut everything from wallboard to wood to tile. My husband and I are crammed into our guest bedroom, and to get fresh clothes, we have to step over various machines, bags of mysterious powders, and try not to trip on the drop cloths that cover everything in our former bedroom. But I’m still excited we’re doing this, and I’m sure our new, sparkly bathroom with be worth all the chaos and noise.

In my teaching series Lord, Flip This House, I liken Jesus to the ultimate INNER remodeler. Working through the Holy Spirit who causes certain verses or thoughts to catch our attention, Jesus impresses on our hearts areas He wants us to notice. Sometimes these are things that need removing, or changing, or simply given greater priority.

After several hectic weeks of flying to various cities and countries to speak, I came home a few days ago full of joy and praise after teaching for over three hours at a local conference. But I also sensed the Lord saying, “Poppy, sit quietly with me. Don’t rush around tidying up the remodeling mess, or checking Facebook or reading the newspaper. Sit quietly and talk with Me.”

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Remodel1-225x300Now I didn’t hear any audible voice—just an inward tugging to be with Him. Picking up two spiritually meaty devotionals, I smiled as both emphasized the same message I had sensed.

Matthew 14:23 said, “He went up on a mountainside by himself to pray. When evening came, he was there alone.” The author commented, “Even Jesus could not maintain His full strength and power for His work and His fellowship with the Father without His quiet time.” (Streams in the Desert, Oct.26.)

The second devotional I picked up as I sat in silence, praying and worshipping said the following: “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest” (Mark 6:31).

Among many helpful comments on this verse was the following, “When you praise Me, you find renewal in the shadow of My wings.” (The 30 Day Praise Challenge by Becky Harling)

Let’s Talk: As you think of the busyness and noise of your life, can you hear Jesus saying, “Come and sit with Me a while?”  I know we can all say that it is impossible—but is it? Not only will you be restored physically, you’ll be spiritually restored, energized, renewed and filled with joy in Him. Will you say “NO” to something else today, or this week, in order to say “YES” to His invitation?


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Do You Need Quiet?