Daily Devotional – The Masses Changed Their Tune

By on April 1, 2021
daily devotional

Our scripture for the Daily Devotional today is taken from Luke 23:13-25. It was only a few days earlier that the crowds welcomed Jesus shouting “Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord”. Now they were screaming for the blood of Jesus like an unsatisfiable mob.

“Pilate called together the chief priests, the rulers and the people, 14 and said to them, “You brought me this man as one who was inciting the people to rebellion. I have examined him in your presence and have found no basis for your charges against him. 15 Neither has Herod, for he sent him back to us; as you can see, he has done nothing to deserve death. 16 Therefore, I will punish him and then release him.” [17] [a]

18 But the whole crowd shouted, “Away with this man! Release Barabbas to us!” 19 (Barabbas had been thrown into prison for an insurrection in the city, and for murder.)

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20 Wanting to release Jesus, Pilate appealed to them again. 21 But they kept shouting, “Crucify him! Crucify him!”

22 For the third time he spoke to them: “Why? What crime has this man committed? I have found in him no grounds for the death penalty. Therefore I will have him punished and then release him.”

23 But with loud shouts they insistently demanded that he be crucified, and their shouts prevailed. 24 So Pilate decided to grant their demand. 25 He released the man who had been thrown into prison for insurrection and murder, the one they asked for, and surrendered Jesus to their will.”

My sin was nailed to the cross with Jesus!

Jesus went to the cross for each and every one of else. We are all responsible individually and collectively for Jesus’ death. Whether you have lived a “perfect life” or run from the law all of your life, each and every one of us is to blame for Jesus’ sacrifice.

In the same way that the worshipping crowd changed their tune, I have seen many people shake their fists at God after many years of searching for Him. If our love and commitment toward God are only based on His comfort blessings, we will turn against Him as soon as things don’t go our way. 

Have you ever heard people say, “I don’t understand…?” Perhaps it is not for us to understand, and after all, we wouldn’t have life if it were not for God.

Have you ever retaliated toward others when they have acted contrary to how you wanted to? Thankfully Jesus offers us forgiveness no matter how we have treated Him in the past. Let us continue to walk in His forgiveness and love.

Let’s Pray

Dear Heavenly Father, 

Thank you, Jesus, for dying on the cross for me, before I had committed any of my sins. Your forgiveness is always there for the taking, and I accept it today. Going forward I am seeking You and Your will as I live out this life.

In Jesus Name,


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Daily Devotional – The Masses Changed Their Tune