Cup of Empowerment 3/19/12

By on March 19, 2012

As I sip on my morning cup of tea, I look around my room and see my decorative collection of miniature shoes. I have enjoyed collecting these throughout the years! Each one represents a season of my life and something I was, or am still learning! Some were areas of character I was “growing into” and others were just plain “fun” as I learned to relax and enjoy life! 

Have you ever felt like one of Cinderella’s step-sisters trying to fit into another person’s destiny? A untold side of the story is these girls had shoes of their own, which were custom-made and that only they were meant to wear! They each had a special destiny which only they could have enjoyed and appreciated. Yet, they were invited to the ball and the Prince was there, but they never enjoyed the dance! What a shame! It was offered, but they never partook of it! They had dancing shoes on, which they did not use! We all have many shoes, for they represent the many facets of our lives, but we just need to learn how to wear them!  

I have a cute porcelain shoe, yellow with pink polka-dots, that always makes me smile! It tells me to “lighten up!” This shoe is especially appreciated when I need to stop and smell the roses. Then I have a black high-heeled boot, which reminds me of you, my “high heeled warriors,” who are always ready to take territory and back me up as we empower widows around the world! What wonderful shoes, each with a special purpose! 

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What shoe do you need to slip into today? Where is Father God revealing Himself to you in your journey with Him? Ecclesiastes 3:3 tells us that there is a season and a time for everything under the sun. What part of Him in you do you need to discover, and which shoe is intended for this assignment? 

The first chapter of Ephesians tells us that He called us, appointed us, destined us and equipped us before the foundation of the world! (He created our shoes for each season and the time we were to walk into!) It’s by our choice to align and walk in agreement with heaven that makes all the difference! 

Recently, a friend invited me on an outing to the Smoky Mountains. I thought we were just going to simply go on a leisurely stroll into a few places without a lot of walking. But as it turned out, our walk was a bit more strenuous than I had expected, and I ended up wishing I had worn my comfortable walking shoes! It is the same for us in the spirit. We need to understand our assignments in order that we prepare ourselves properly to step into the right “shoes” for the job. The proper preparation comes from spending time alone with the One who gives the heavenly assignments and by letting Him prepare us for what is ahead! It also comes from understanding our part in the assignment.   

Cinderella’s sisters were called to help prepare her for her dance, and to meet the Prince! They each had a special part in helping Cinderella move into her destiny, but they didn’t step up. Instead the little birds and mice did in order to get her ready. (Jesus said that if we didn’t praise Him, the rocks would! I don’t want critters in His creation to have to do the job I was created for, do you?) “Cinde” kept her heart right and moved into her destiny anyway! Her hard circumstances, really helped develop her character in the role as leader and identify with the people in the Kingdom. 

Where do you fit? Have you agreed with the lie that you don’t fit? Do you think your purpose is gone with the season you were in? Have you compared yourself with others and felt that you don’t measure up? Or have you felt like a failure when you try to push your foot into someone else’s shoe? 

There is a season and a time for EVERYTHING under the sun! It’s in adapting to the new season that brings us joy. I think joy is the heavenly “shoe horn” which helps us slip into place! By choosing to “count it ALL joy” (James 1:2), it helps us to adapt! Yes, it is a choice and a good one! It’s enjoying the dance you have been invited to! 

Where do you fit? You have a special place that no one else can fill except YOU! You have a pair of shoes ready for you to slip into, custom-made by God! You are a piece to the puzzle that completes the Body of Christ, and we need you!  

Join me in discovering your special place, leaders and widows alike! What an amazing season we are living in. We do fit! Read about our next event in June and join us to learn where you fit.

Here’s a recap on last week’s Widows Prayer Fusion. 

Jointly fitting together,


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Cup of Empowerment 3/19/12