Country Living Decorating With White

By on June 24, 2013

“White is simply timeless”.

Do you decorate in white? Do you love to accessorize your home with objects that are white? Are you drawn to a room ‘dressed in white’ and find it romantic?

Whether your decor is traditional, contemporary, or rustic adding white to your decor can bring a sense of serenity and comfort.

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I have shared with you several times my ‘retreat’ a room that is decorated mainly in white in a romantic, cottage garden style. I am quite drawn to this room using it for quiet moments to read, to create and to enjoy afternoon tea.

white-pitchers-built-inI do collect white dishes, pitchers and more – I just love the variations of white and their Delightsome creaminess.

Setting a tablescape all in white to me creates a perfectly romantic setting.

For breakfast or for tea – I do love my white dishes.

Even though my bedroom is not decorated all in white, I do love this Shabby Chic comforter adding just the perfect touch of comfort and romance.

So! When I was given the opportunity to review Country Living Decorating with White I was thrilled! Immediately, I was drawn to the cover of the book – not only does it have the gorgeous look of white wicker, but the texture to the cover of the book feels like wicker!

Decorating-with-White-bk-2Inside you’ll find eight chapters dedicated to decorating tips and tricks using white in your home’s decor. You’ll learn just what makes white so appealing, the different shades of white and getting it just right, creating dreamy bedrooms and bathrooms with white, adding white as an accent or in bold uses, the allure of white and wood, and what the call, ‘the White Stuff’ displaying your collections.

There are so many virtues in decorating with white – it can be both comforting and contemporary, practical, and of course, it compliments all other colors in decor, blue and white, for example.

You’ll learn about Textures and layerng with white, white as a ‘patina-the beautiful weathered surfact that develops on objects over time’.

There are so many delicious photos in this book, tips and ideas you’ll be bookmarking these pages for inspiration and reference – as I already have.

Country Living Decorating with White
 is edited by Gina Hyam, who has authored additional books on cooking, folk art, as well as decorating-specializing in Mexican-style decor. Gina is the creator of the ‘In the Box’ culinary contest book-kits. Gina’s work has been published in a number of outlets including Huffington Post and Newsweek.


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Country Living Decorating With White