What to Consider Before Investing in Your Dream Bathroom

By on January 21, 2020
Dream Bathroom

It’s so important to get things right when planning a new bathroom. After all, it’s a vital room in your home and an essential part of your daily routine. A dream bathroom gets every day off to a great start and gives it a relaxing end. When you’re investing in a new bathroom suite, tiles and decoration, a little mistake could end up being a daily irritation. So it’s well worth spending a little time planning the room and thinking everything through.

Here’s our guide to getting your dream bathroom right.

Plan out your space


We’ve all seen those DIY fails where a door won’t close or there’s no room to stand in front of your mirror.  But these are easily avoided by mapping out your bathroom and measuring each item you need – bath, shower, etc. Try moving things around to see what creates the most space. Make sure you will always have room to get dressed or undressed and comfortably get to the bath, shower, toilet, and sink. Don’t cheat or guess any sizes – this is really important and you need to get it right!

Use your imagination

Once you’ve planned the room out, mentally picture yourself going through your bathroom routine in the new space. Where will you need to put a towel rail or radiator? Where will your mirror need to go? Which parts of the room will need to be tiled to protect against water damage? Will you need a shaver socket or an LED mirror for extra light?

Don’t forget storage

It’s easy to get caught up with choosing a bathroom suite, taps, and showers, but an equally important consideration is storage. A tidy bathroom has lots of places to hide toiletries and cleaning products out of sight. A vanity unit is a great option that both looks stylish and provides storage where you need it. Many space-saving vanity units are the perfect blend of good looks and functionality.

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The personal touch

The final step in creating a dream bathroom is to give it a little of your own personal flair. Some people opt for a statement piece of art in their bathroom, while others prefer plants, candles or furniture to add a little interest. If you like to keep things simple, go for an interesting mirror or choose designer towels. 

Restyling your bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, but to make sure it delivers on your dreams do think everything through before you buy. Good luck!


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What to Consider Before Investing in Your Dream Bathroom