How You Can Make Your Mother Feel Special This Year

By on May 4, 2020

“Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother.” A mother is someone that has holds many of our worlds together. Many of you women over 50 are blessed to be mothers yourselves and so you know how much the world depends on you.

In a world turned upside down by COVID-19, many of us will not be able to spend this Mother’s with our mothers, or with our children. What was destined for a lonely, miserable day can be saved and redeemed with a little creativity! LivingBetter50 has accumulated some ideas to make this day special for the mother’s in your life.

Send your Mother flowers

It is an aged old tradition to be sent flowers. Some may say that it has lost its charm. Women, in general, have a soft part for the natural beauty of flowers. Add this to the fact that you had thought about them, every woman loves flowers any time of the year. 

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Send a gift

You may not be able to deliver the gift yourself, but thankfully we have the door to door service these days. It may be easy to use Amazon for the delivery but many small businesses are offering free deliveries. Although you may need to make a call to the store, it may be well worth the effort as we try to help the Mom & Pop shops so critical to our economy.

Setup a brunch at home

If you are fortunate enough to have direct access to the mother in your life, you can make them feel loved with a delicious meal at home. You may not have access to your favorite restaurant or sit in the most breathtaking setting, but a little elbow grease goes a long way. 

With so many restaurants offering free delivery based on the quarantine restrictions, you can easily get home delivery to your mom from her favorite restaurant.

Video Call

I personally have my mother across the seas. I would not have been able to spend Mother’s day with her without Coronavirus. However, the quarantine has definitely made the distance seem more real. There are various ways to speak face to face these days. Take advantage of the technology and make the best of the situation.

Some ideas to give your mother a great big smile from ear to ear;

To all of you out there celebrating Mother’s day this coming week, may you be blessed and feel treasured. You are the glue that holds many lives together, by the love that you share each day.

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How You Can Make Your Mother Feel Special This Year