Building a Digital Family Archive Gives You, Peace of Mind

By on December 17, 2012

How many times have you thought about calling a close family member, realizing suddenly that you can’t, because they have passed on? You still long to hear their voice, reminisce, ask their advice, laugh with them, or just share recent events. That longing never ends – each generation feels that way about the previous generations that were an important part of their lives and helped define who they are.

Sadly, people pass, memories fade and are lost. But thanks to technology, that doesn’t have to be the case. You are part of the First Generation capable of leaving a rich and powerful “digital legacy” for future generations. Your digital legacy comprises everything that can be preserved digitally –all of which can be inherited. It may be personal and financial documents, family history files, photographs, medical history, correspondence, film, slides, video and so much more. These core assets of your digital estate should be protected and shared with your family now in a perpetual Digital Family Archive.

You may think it is enough to house your most important information on a backup website, but these services end when you cease to exist. Your children may inherit the family’s treasured mementos on some kind of back-up medium, but the odds of that content remaining viable even for just your children’s entire life span is unlikely and it is even less likely future devices will even be able to utilize that backup medium no less read the content or understand the old file types.

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To ensure perpetual family memories for a time without end, you may want to consider perpetual family archiving for the preservation of your family history and mementos. Gen-Ark offers a multi-generational storage platform that adapts your digitized content as needed to ensure future generations can view it.


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Building a Digital Family Archive Gives You, Peace of Mind