A Blast at Camp Sierra Linda Camp – Monterrey, Mexico

By on October 18, 2012

By Peggy Lester –

In 1985, a team from our church, partnering with friends from Alabama, headed out to Monterrey, Mexico for a mission trip. We would be doing a building project at Camp Sierra Linda outside Monterrey, Mexico. The guys on the team would be taking care of the building projects and us gals would take care of the meals and clean up detail.

We gals were working in the kitchen preparing a meal. When we purchased our groceries for the week, we bought a bunch of carrots. We had had carrots nearly every meal. Carrot salad, cooked carrots, raw, etc., every way you can imagine. Can’t remember all the particulars, maybe we were cooking some for this meal.

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I was asked to light the gas stove. Not having any experience with a gas stove, I continued in ignorance. I turned on the gas, went to grab the matches, lit one, and put the match down to the pilot light opening. All of a sudden there was an explosion…the gas caught fire but it didn’t come forward (toward me) it went backwards into the mountain gas resource…it sounded like a bomb. We not only heard it, we felt it as the mountain shook. WOW, did I thank the Lord for His protection. I had lit the gas a few seconds too early and all of the gas in the line had collected, and then putting the match to the pilot, it blew!

Thank you, Lord, I am here to write about this occurrence.

Also on this trip, we had two couples from Mexico with us. Both young couples wanted to begin their families but had not been able to get pregnant. As a team, we prayed for them both and very shortly after we returned home, God answered our prayers. Both couples were expecting their first child. Praise the Lord!

I will never forget in one of our devotionals as leadership led us in a new way to share Holy Communion. In our Communion time, we paired up and shared the burdens on our heart with our partner. We then prayed for each other, taking on the burden to pray for our partner’s need. Later in the year, I would come to know where this type of Communion became familiar to our leadership. Sharing each other’s burden was definitely a new way for me to experience Communion. It was a life changing experience. I have had the privilege to serve on many weekends with this Christian movement and even similar ones. We are spiritually built to share one another’s burdens, IF we love Jesus! He is all about the “Body of Christ”.

  • How do you respond during communion? Yes, it is a time for us to examine ourselves before the Lord. But, it is also a time to renew and refresh your membership in the Body of Christ. The Bible says that when one suffers, all suffer; if one is sick, all will become sick; we are part of each other in the Body of Christ.
  • Where do you fit in the Body of Christ? Are you hand? Are you a mouth? Are you a foot? Each part has a vital part in a “healthy body”. If you are not healthy, please seek healing from Jehovah Rapha, the Great Healer? Remember, if your foot gets infected, eventually your whole body will get infected. If you have a “wild cancer cell” in your body, eventually you will have major cancer sickness.

The Word says, “Be holy for I am holy”; “Abstain from all appearances of evil”; and, it also says, “We are to come out from among the world.” Can the world tell you are a Christian? If you look like the world, talk like the world, smell like the world, behave like the world, you made need to check your salvation experience because you PROBABLY ARE STILL “THE WORLD”!

I am thankful to be alive, to be a part of the Body of Christ and to have the opportunity to share in His Kingdom work. There is still much to be done. Get involved with the “healthy Body of Christ” and serve with the Lord with your gifts and graces.


Peggy W. Lester is the founder of Spreading His Fragrance Near and Far, Inc. Her desire is to take the Gospel to those who haven’t heard, to disciple those desiring to grow in their faith and to share the healing balm of Jesus to those who have been wounded in life. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian counseling and is ordained through FCFI located in Indiana. She lives with husband, Don, about 35 miles West of Atlanta, Georgia. Website: http://www.peggywlester.com/


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A Blast at Camp Sierra Linda Camp – Monterrey, Mexico