Beauty Over 50: Tips and Treatments

By on June 12, 2018

When it comes to personal style women over the age of 50 may be curious about how to maintain a beautiful, youthful appearance. Even though there’s no way of stopping the hands of time, you can still look fabulous no matter your age. Here are a few beauty tips and tricks that can help you to look your very best, and reinvent yourself if you are of a certain age.

#1 Caring For Your Skin

For women over 50, applying your makeup calls for a balance between wearing just enough makeup but not using an extreme amount which could make you look older. One great way to do so is to properly prepare your skin. Start with moisturizers which will nourish and hydrate your skin. Moisturizers will help your skin to become supply before applying makeup and it lays a great foundation that can soften wrinkles and fine lines.

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Consider using a primer to help keep your makeup in place much longer and to give your face a much smoother appearance. Primers prepare your skin and help foundation go on much smoother than if applied alone. Follow-up with a lightweight foundation that matches your skin tone. Be sure to bring your foundation down into your neck area for a flawless appearance.   

#2 Makeup For Your Eyes

When it comes to applying makeup to your eyes—eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara—the more details the better. First, begin by using long-lasting eyeshadow formulas that will stay in place for the majority of the day. If you want to forgo purchasing all new eyeshadows, a great trick is to dip your eyeshadow wand in a bit of water, then apply your eyeshadow. The added moisture helps to prevent the powder from caking throughout the day and settling deep into fine lines and creases.

Work only with sharpened pencils for a well-defined look. A trick to consider for brightening your eyes, place a white liner on your lower waterline. This is a simple makeup tip that can instantly make you look younger. When it comes to mascara use a formula that thickens your lashes. This is because as women age their eyelash hairs may begin to thin and a good mascara can remedy this and improve your appearance.

#3 Incredible Hairstyles

If you feel that your hair is stuck in a rut, you are not alone. Many women wear the same hairstyles for years on end without ever changing them. The problem is that as women reach a certain age, their hair changes, again becoming much thinner throughout. To remedy this, try a brand new hairstyle and transform your entire look. A new hairstyle can make you look fabulous after 50. Consult with a stylist in your area who may be able to take years off of your look with a new salon hairstyle. 

#4 Accessorize with Jewelry

Another great way to look your very best is to accessorize with jewelry. Donning a wide array of amazing jewelry like statement necklaces, earrings and rings can go a long way towards looking and feeling glamorous. Try gemstones and crystals in a variety of colors. Also experiment with different precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum to refresh your wardrobe and bring out the best in each of the outfits that you wear.

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#5 Experiment with Different Colors

As a final tip, while it is certainly fine to have a staple go-to look, never forget to experiment and try new things. Have fun no matter your age and get motivated to try something new. This could be a new haircut or hair color, trying the latest trend in makeup or wearing new outfits in colors and patterns that you’ve never tried before. The key is to embrace your age, find what’s right for you and look and feel your very best! 

For women of a certain age, there are no limits to having a great sense of style regardless of your age. If you are over the age of 50, try any of these simple beauty tips and tricks, giving yourself a fresh look and appearance that will certainly impress.  

By Naomi Shaw


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Beauty Over 50: Tips and Treatments