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    Guaranteed Beauty

    By Janet Denison − Dove recently experimented with a “beauty patch” called RB-X and the results were interesting. The women participating in the study were asked to wear the beauty patch for two weeks and document the results....

    • Posted 7 years ago
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  • Obesity. Should We Keep Our Mouths Shut?

    By Janet Denison – I just finished reading a CNN editorial about the American Medical Association’s decision to label obesity as a disease. It was an interesting, well researched article but it made me wonder – what...

    • Posted 8 years ago
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  • Are We Waisting Our Witness?

    I saw a news story about a woman who made a doctor’s appointment, hoping to become her new patient. The doctor refused to take her as a patient. The doctor went on to say that she had...

    • Posted 9 years ago
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  • A message to the Church and to the church

    Wait, if necessary, and read this blog when you have some time to be still and think. This isn’t a quick, light read. I like to do those type of blogs, but sometimes it’s important to take...

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