The Most Amazing Trips to Take that Are Best After Retirement

By on August 7, 2017
The Most Amazing Trips to Take that Are Best After Retirement

As your retirement approaches, you probably have a growing list of things you want to do. From acquiring new skills and languages to spending more time with your family, you’ve got plenty of ways to fill your free time. However, there’s one thing that’s vital to do when you retire, and that’s travel. Many trips are only worth doing when you’ve got the time and money that retirement affords you. You’re no longer constricted by vacation days or restricted timelines from work, and you don’t have the responsibility of looking after your young children. Now, you and your spouse or friends can explore new countries and try different activities when you’ve got the time to do so properly.

African safaris

While going on safari can be a great experience for children, going as a family has its drawbacks. You’ll need to either spend more to go on a great tour, or you’ll have to stick within your budget and choose a cheaper operator. However, if you go after retirement, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself and do exactly what you want. Whether it’s a luxury horseback safari, or one where you can relax in hot tubs under the stars, there are so many new options open to you. You can explore different ideas and suggestions at or try speaking to a tour operator, who can build your perfect safari.

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Australian tours

Going somewhere like Australia can’t be done in two weeks. You need to dedicate plenty of time to a holiday here, to make up for the long-haul flight and resulting jet lag. So, once you’re retired, it’s the perfect time to go. You can make the most of cheaper flights outside of school holidays, and go for ideally around six to eight weeks. Venture around all the top cities, like Melbourne, Sydney and Cairns, before discovering what makes Australia the top of so many bucket lists. From boat trips over the Great Barrier Reef, to sipping champagne in full view of Uluru, it’s the trip of a lifetime. Plus, it’s easy to hire RVs and drive up and down the east coast, taking in the Great Ocean Road, Byron Bay, and Queensland’s incredible jungles.

Month-long road trips

If you like the sound of a road trip, but don’t want to go on the long-haul flight down under, then look at hiring or buying your own RV. They’re a great investment to make, as you’ll save plenty of money on all future vacation accommodation. Plus, they give you the freedom to visit friends and family all over the country, without having to put people out or stay in hotels. Road trips are perfect for retirement: you don’t need to make a strict plan, and you can stay for as long as you like in places that you love. Likewise, you don’t have any responsibilities to rush back for. If you have pets, like dogs, you’ll even be able to take them with you.

Specialty cruises

Cruises are another popular holiday type for retirees. You’ll be able to see a huge number of places in one vacation, without doing any of the work. It’s the perfect way to relax and enjoy various different cultures, without having to do lots of planning and booking several holidays. It also gives you the chance to see where you’d want to spend more time, and where you wouldn’t. As you only spend up to a couple of days in one place, you’ll get a good feel for whether you’d like to return or not. Plus, you’ll get great food and lots of top entertainment on board these luxury liners.

Adventures in New Zealand

Similar to Australia, visiting New Zealand is only worth it if you’re going for a while. It’s a long flight from almost anywhere in the world, and when combined with jet lag, it means it’s not visiting unless you have a month or so to truly enjoy the place. Plus, the country is so spectacular that you’ll want to dedicate as much time to it as possible. From tracing the journeys taken in Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, to having a go at almost-extreme sports, you can turn a holiday in New Zealand into anything you want. Plus, it never gets too hot, so you don’t need to worry about baking temperatures. You can enjoy the beautiful lakes and rivers, or take in the rolling green hills, all the while experiencing the classic Kiwi hospitality.

Sourcing second homes

Now that you’re retired, you’ll be able to spend much more time away from home. So, why not look for a second home? Spend some time venturing to different countries or states, and see where you’d want to base yourself for months at a time. You might pick somewhere close, so you can nip away for long weekends when you feel like it. Or you might want to choose somewhere with a different climate, so you can follow the summer all year round, and never put up with dark, miserable, rainy winters. If you’ve got a young family who might be interested, you could look at splitting the investment, and buy a family home – if you can all agree on the same location!

Slowing the pace of life

When you’ve retired, and you’ve got plenty more time available, you can fully immerse yourself into the slow pace of life that many coastal towns and islands have. You can sleep late and potter around the house in no real rush, before having extended meals, and late evening drinks. You won’t feel like you’re rushing around to see everything, thereby disrupting the natural flow of a town’s timing and pace.

Relaxation and reflection

There’s no better time to relax and reflect than immediately after retirement. You’ll have just gone through a major life change, and taking some time to look at your life and what you want to do is always a good thing. So, look at mountain or lakeside retreats, where you can relax in peace, and spend time deciding what to do next – or even whether to come home at all!

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The Most Amazing Trips to Take that Are Best After Retirement