Alternative Places to Stay On Your Next Holiday

By on March 24, 2016

For many of us, going on holiday is not just about taking a break; rather, it’s about trying new things, experiencing different cultures and discovering the unknown. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean traveling to far-flung destinations or unexplored lands; thinking outside the box when it comes to accommodation is another great way to liven up your trip. Here are five unique alternatives to hotels that will be sure to satisfy your sense of adventure.

1. House Swap

Taking part in a home exchange is one of the most intimate ways to experience a country or city. Staying in someone else’s house lets you see a place through the eyes of a local, offering a completely different perspective to that of tourist-oriented, purpose-built hotels. It is also a great way to holiday within America and get a taste for life in another state or neighborhood – one that you may not otherwise consider visiting. Home exchange networks such as HomeLink, HomeExchange and Love Home provide a safe and secure way to connect with other “swappers”, and, with membership usually free or charged at a modest yearly rate, home swapping is often a much cheaper alternative.


2. Vacation Rentals

If you fancy the idea of a “home from home” but are not quite open to handing over your own door keys, vacation rentals are the ideal option. From a chic city apartment to a log cabin in the mountains, sites such as HomeAway offer a huge variety of unique and individual properties all over the world. Unlike a hotel, you don’t need to share with anyone else, so vacation rentals are great for enjoying peace and quiet or holidaying in a group.

3. Motor Home

Hitting the open road is one of the most exhilarating ways to experience a new place, but hours in the car can leave us longing for a comfy bed. Rather than stopping off at hotels, why not continue the adventure with a fully equipped motor home? RV rental firm Campanda offers a wide range of both classic and modern camper vans that are easily searchable by price, number of beds and amenities, making it easy to cover accommodation and transport in one go. Renting a motorhome offers a fun alternative to the classic hotel without foregoing creature comforts or spending a fortune, and is certainly worth considering if you’re taking a road trip.

4. Camping

Camping in the traditional sense is not for the fainthearted, but there are plenty of alternatives to the standard tent that you may not have considered. More and more campsites are offering novel ways to enjoy the great outdoors, from rustic yurts complete with electricity and beds to treehouse lodgings and teepees. In addition to these weird and wonderful options, a cozy log cabin is an ideal abode for those wanting to get close to nature whilst still enjoying modern-day amenities.

5. Religious Housing

Travelers seeking a completely out-of-the-box experience may wish to consider booking into religious housing. Convents and monasteries tend to be set in the most picturesque locations and offer a highly cultural and relaxing stay. You needn’t be religious to enjoy such accommodation, and many come with private bathrooms and bed and breakfast. From rural retreats to central city spots, religious housing can take you almost anywhere across the globe – for an idea of the types of accommodation available, take a look at Monastery Stays in Italy.



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Alternative Places to Stay On Your Next Holiday