7 Smart Beauty Tips Pros Use

By on May 19, 2015

Using Q-tips to fix botched eyeliner, sticking your finger in your mouth to avoid lipstick-ey teeth, using super glue to fix broken nails – we’re all familiar with these tips for making makeup and beauty easier. But what about the secrets that only professional makeup artists know and use? Here are some little known beauty hacks that will make your beauty routine way easier!

  1. Tame flyaway hair with setting spray

If like me, you hate having too much product in your hair, this hair hack is perfect. Once you’ve done your hair, set those annoying flyaway strands in place by using makeup setting spray. All you have to do is spray setting spray on a kabuki brush and run it lightly over your hair. Easy and breezy!

  1. Kool-Aid lip stain

Yep, you can create some gorgeous lip stains using Kool-Aid. Pour ½ teaspoon of cherry or grape or whichever flavor Home made lip stainwill produce the color you want into a small container. Add a few drops of water until you get a paste-like consistency. Then using a lip brush, apply the Kool-Aid mixture to your lips. Dab lightly with a tissue to get the sugar crystals off and coat the lips with petroleum jelly to lock the color in. If that sounds too messy, e.l.f.’s lip stains will give you a similar vibrant look.

  1. Set lipstick with translucent powder

Lipstick gals know how hard it is to maintain perfect lips throughout the day. If you just swipe the lipstick on in the morning you’re going to be reapplying it all day. So if you want your lipstick to stay on longer, brush on some translucent powder. It also gives your pucker a gorgeous, matte look.

  1. Use flesh colored lip liner

What if you don’t want your lipstick to turn matte? Fear not! There are other ways to keep your lipstick from fading flesh colored lip lineror feathering. A flesh-colored lip liner will keep lipstick in and not affect its color. Outline your lips carefully with the pencil (make sure it’s got a soft tip). You can stop there, but if you want your lipstick to pop, fill in your lips with the lip liner. Then the lipstick can go on and stay on.

  1. Baby powder for fuller lashes

False eyelashes are not for everyone, especially if you’re hesitant about using glue near your eyes. But don’t despair, Baby powder for fuller lashesthere is another way to get those flirty, full lashes. After the first coat of mascara, dust baby powder over the top lashes. Then apply a second coat of mascara. The little bits of powder will stick to the lashes and give them more volume.

  1. Layer your blush

If you thought applying blush was a one-step process, think again! To give your cheeks and face depth, layering blush Layer your blushis the key. Start with a rosy color on the cheek apples. Then, apply a warmer color like peach under the apples and blend that back towards the ear. Used moderately, it’ll give your face a healthy flush and a warm glow all at once!

  1. Mix highlighter into moisturizer

This is perhaps the most simple and handy little trick to achieve glowing skin. Mix a warm-toned highlighter into your tinted moisturizer or body lotion before applying. Once you smooth the mixture into your skin, you’ll have that beautiful, glowing look that J-Lo is known for. Need proof? Try it out!

Do you think our beauty hacks will work for you? Full lashes, glowing skin, bright lips, and perfect hair can all be achieved without buying expensive products – you’ve just got to find a way to work with what you’ve got!


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7 Smart Beauty Tips Pros Use