7 Facts About Weight Loss You Should Know Before You Start Any Program

By on May 16, 2017
Weight loss

In the present world, so much information is coming up disguised as foolproof plans for immediate weight loss results. Many people are clinging on this information as to their weight loss ‘holy grail’. What they don’t realize is that some of this information is just someone’s trial and error regimen and at times can prove detrimental to one’s health or just not work.

It is important to research and identify what to look out for before and during the course of the weight loss program. Learn what will work for your body and only focus on healthy living. By doing this, the anticipated weight loss will come automatically.

In order to be well prepared to undertake any weight loss program, here are some factors that should be looked into to determine what will achieve results without compromising your health or well-being.

  1. Do not stress

It has been proven that the stress hormone; Cortisol levels increase in the body when you are hungry. The increased levels signal the body to store fat around the abdominal region. When going into a weight loss program, be sure to rid your mind of the things that may be stressful or affect your general wellbeing. 

Ensure that you have a solid meal plan that keeps you full through the day, as Cortisol levels in the body rise whenever the body goes for three hours without a meal. 

  1. Everything in moderation

Many people’s idea of undertaking a weight loss program is an intense boot camp with all these vigorous activities that guarantee you quick results. As a result, they manipulate their bodies with strenuous activities that show little to no results.

It is important to research and implement safe methods that complement each other and ultimately result in healthy weight loss.

  1. Have a positive attitude

Weight loss begins in mind. You can do all the workouts and go into all the diets under the sun, but as long as your mind is not prepared and conditioned for these new changes, all this work that will do in the name of weight loss will be futile. 

Go into weight loss from the point of acceptance, self-love, and determination to achieve mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

  1. Weight loss is a gradual process

Do not go into weight loss with the notion that you will work out once or eat just one healthy meal and voila! You lose copious amounts of weight. 

Whichever program you decide to go for, ensure that you remain consistent in your routine and be patient to see your efforts materialize. Set and change your goals often, to challenge yourself and add some fun aspect into the whole weight loss process.

  1. Dieting works better with exercise

Dieting and exercising do not function well individually, but when done together, they can achieve incredible results.

Implementing the use of protein powder mixtures during the course of your workout helps to boost your energy and agility levels. While dieting, ensure that you include more natural foods like fruits and vegetables. Take a look at the infographic given below to know more.

Colours of Healthy Eating

This Infographic by Every Nutrient

  1. Consult your doctor

Before going into any weight loss program, consult your physician to determine if any activity or change in diet will affect your health. 

You can also consult to find out what type of protein powder can be used to maintain your energy levels through this transition period.

  1. Focus majorly on health

Avoid crash diets and workout programs! Eat healthy and nutritious meals to achieve healthy weight loss. ‘Quick fix’ methods tend to work for a while, and then have you gain all the weight that you have lost again. 


Common misconceptions have vilified healthy weight loss, and many people are resorting to artificial methods that are not safe for our bodies. Having adequate information before adopting a weight loss program, can easily determine the success or failure of your weight loss regimen.

Olivia writes on health and food at Everynutrient.com! She’s written about Herbalife and a whole other bunch of articles that deal with health and fitness foods for people from all walks of life. Every Nutrient focuses on effective changes that you can make to live a healthy and fulfilled life!


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7 Facts About Weight Loss You Should Know Before You Start Any Program