5 Best Anti-Aging Facial Oils

By on January 22, 2017

There are quite a few known essential oils making it difficult to know which exactly the best is for you and your skin. Instead of having to read countless articles, clinical studies, and reviews of the nearly 100 essential oils—I have taken the time to compile this list of the five best anti-aging facial oils currently available.

If you are curious as to what the best essential oils are, there is no need to look any further than the following list.

Lavender Oil


Topping this list is probably the most effective of all the essential oils. There isn’t anything another oil can do that Lavender oil cannot. Lavender oil even has a distinctive and incredible scent that few other essential oils can match. Fortunately, there is far more to this essential oil than just the smell.

Shea ButterLavender oil has been found to help the body both adapt to stress and relax if inhaled. Increased levels of anxiety and stress within the body are key indicators for the development of acne and rashes. Tens of millions suffer from acne related symptoms in the United States, making Lavender oil one of the best essential oils in helping reduce the cases of blemishes on the skin.

This oil helps regenerate skin cells, making it a natural remedy to fight the signs of aging. Tests have also shown that Lavender oil helps improve skin elasticity by helping tighten the skin, also helping individuals have a more youthful appearance.

If that wasn’t enough, this incredible oil has also been found to help prevent dryness which prevents the skin from cracking and developing lesions. Lavender oil is a remarkable tool that allows skin to remain healthy.

Geranium Oil

5 best anti aging oils


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Geranium is the only essential oil that can compete with the numerous benefits of Lavender oil. Geranium’s main benefit is how well it helps to regulate the production of oil in the skin; it is also one of the best oils available in helping to prevent acne breakouts.

Much like Lavender oil, Geranium also helps tighten the skin reducing the visibility of wrinkles. Another key benefit of Geranium oil is how well it promotes blood circulation in areas where it is applied. Why is that an important aspect of Geranium oil? Improved blood circulation helps heal cuts, burns, and a number of other skin conditions and irritations.

Rosemary Oil

5 best anti aging oils 2

Rosemary essential oil contains numerous health benefits for the skin. Rosemary oil can also be used to help promote healthy hair growth. Regarding the skin, this oil is great for aging and dry skin as it helps develop positive skin texture and tone. Research has found that Rosemary oil has several compounds that are known to help promote healing, especially antimicrobial compounds.

Rose oil is another essential oil that can provide skin benefits from inhaling as this essential oil helps promote water loss in the skin.

Patchouli Oil

This essential oil provides a number of health benefits, with one of the most important benefits being that it works as an antidepressant when inhaled. When applied to the skin Patchouli oil helps smooth appearance, promoting the removal of fine lines and wrinkles. These benefits make the oil great for aging skin as it does help promote new cell growth.

Patchouli oil is another essential oil that helps remove skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and a number of difficult to treat skin ailments.

Frankincense Oil

This essential oil is incredible for a number of different skin types. While it is not the best oil to help fight acne or prevent dry skin, it does act as a natural toner that helps hide lesions and visible pores. Frankincense oil also helps tighten the skin and promotes new cell growth, which aids in the removal of scars.

While not the powerhouse of Lavender or Geranium oils, Frankincense oil definitely has numerous benefits that help improve the appearance of the skin.

This list highlights the top five essential oils that help fight against aging of the skin. Each of the oils listed also provide a number of other health benefits for those looking for flexible options to incorporate into their daily lives.

For more information on the benefits of essential oils, take a look at the infographic below:

Best Essential Oils for Skin This Infographic – 10 Best Essential Oils For Skin – Was Created By Fixyourskin.com

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5 Best Anti-Aging Facial Oils