4 Natural Ways to Calm the Mind and Focus for Women Over 50

By on January 13, 2020

Learning how to calm the mind and focus can help not only those, who suffer from anxiety. You’ll benefit from this ability when you are overwhelmed or stressed or simply need to settle your chattering thoughts so you can be more productive. You can try out all of the solutions and techniques listed below to see what works best for you depending on the situation. Some of them might come in handy in an emergency when you need to get a hold of your panic. Others can be used daily to help manage your temper and improve your mental health.

Give yourself a gift of happiness

It seems so simple to do something that makes you happy in order to stop creeping anxiety and “reset” your mind when stressed. However, when in such a condition, people usually don’t think of happiness at all.


You should make an effort to do just that. Every time your emotions or anxieties are getting out of control, just stop and give yourself a moment of happiness. This would be much more effective than mere breathing exercises. Those help calm your mind, true, but they do nothing to remove the negative emotions that led you to this state. Listening to your favorite song, getting a cup of delicious coffee, or even eating a piece of candy you love will both, give you time to breathe and calm as well as provide a much-needed boost of positive emotions.

Try taking CBD

CBD is fast becoming one of the most popular supplements of the 21st century. One of its effects is reducing anxiety and calming the mind. Note that it’s not a potent solution, like drugs, so taking a few drops of CBD oil won’t make you instantly calm. However, it can be a great aid for those struggling with anxiety constantly or even those who are going through stressful times, provided your doctor approves.

But there’s one very important thing to consider if you plan to use CBD. It’s classed as a supplement and therefore, it’s not regulated. This means that you’ll need to be very careful to find the best CBD oils on the market. The market is booming due to the high level of interest for the product and many of the options are of poor quality. Study reviews and only buy from trusted companies that are transparent about their quality control practices.

Do something creative

According to the Creativity and Aging study, any kind of creative hobby helps to not only relieve stress but also literally slows down your aging. And practicing any of these hobbies will have an immediate effect. Therefore, doodling for a few minutes when you are feeling overwhelmed will provide you a chance to calm down. It will also improve your mood and doing some art regularly will improve your general wellbeing.

The best thing about this particular stress-relief technique is that you have dozens of options. Any type of creative activity will have the same effect. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you do some pottery, write, play music, draw, or embroider. As long as it keeps your mind and imagination occupied, you should do it.


Try using guided imagery

Meditation is great for mental health, but if you tried it and didn’t succeed, guided imagery might be the best solution. In a way, it a type of meditation exercise, but instead of trying to “clear your mind” you’ll be using various aids (sounds, smells, candles, etc.) to imagine yourself in a place that makes you feel calm and safe.

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This technique is very effective for beginners and most importantly, it’s personalized. Just sit down and think of what you personally consider a safe haven. Then, pick up things that can help you “return” to it in your mind regardless of where you are. That’s all, you now have a place to recharge before facing the world again.


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4 Natural Ways to Calm the Mind and Focus for Women Over 50