30 Blogs with the Best Holiday Drink Recipes

By on December 6, 2014

One of the best things about the holiday season is being together with family and friends. Many of these get-togethers are in the form of holiday parties and one way to make these occasions more fun and festive is to serve specialty drinks.

Whether they’re alcoholic cocktails, or less potent mocktails, these drinks can add a fun twist to your holiday celebrations.


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The tummy warming flavor of cider is a tasty winter drink all on its own, but these five bloggers have given plain cider a boost to make it into a more festive holiday drink.


Not every holiday drink has to have alcohol as an ingredient. Here are some non-alcoholic drink recipes for the kiddos or those adults that choose not to indulge this holiday season.


Put a little fire in your belly with these festive holiday cocktail recipes. These five bloggers have put together some delicious concoctions to add some cheer to your Christmas gathering.

Hot Chocolate

The sweet richness of hot chocolate is a favorite among adults and children alike. Check out these hot chocolate based holiday drinks for your next soirée.

Crock Pot

Keep these drinks warm in your crock pot so that your guests can serve themselves anytime throughout the party. These five bloggers have tasty ideas for holiday drinks in your crock pot.


For those that like tea, there are holiday drinks for you too. These five blog entries have come up with tea based drinks for you and your holiday guests.

Holiday Beverages: Instant Russian Tea Recipe


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30 Blogs with the Best Holiday Drink Recipes