3 Tips to Maintain Mental Sharpness as You Get Older 

By on October 24, 2017
3 Tips to Maintain Mental Sharpness as You Get Older 

Brain volume peaks in your early 20s and gradually declines for the rest of your life, with people often noticing changes as they get into their 40s, according to American Psychological Association. While the decline of an individual’s mental capacity as they get older is often feared, it can also be exaggerated and largely depends on individual circumstances, past ordeals, and lifestyle choices. So what little things can you do to encourage optimum brain function as you age?

1. Keep Learning and Testing Yourself

Margie E. Lachman, a psychologist who specializes in aging at Brandeis University, explains in The New York Times how education is an essential element to maintaining mental fitness and that it can even lead to a longer life. To improve mental sharpness and maintain cognitive function throughout your life, try engaging in educational activities and continue to learn about various subject matter. You could do something small like read educational books, take memory tests or try something applicable like take online driving tests from various states. If you want to try something that requires more commitment, enroll in an educational course or join a club that focuses on developing certain passions of yours like a musical instrument or sewing. By constantly engaging in learning new information, you will exercise your brain, avoid laziness and give yourself the best chance at staying sharp. 

2. De-Stress

While memory loss and slower cognitive function is often a normal sign of aging, stress is a factor that can exacerbate these changes. When your stressed, you may often feel like your mind is running at hundred miles an hour and if your brain is already experiencing changes associated with aging, stress can tire out the brain much faster.

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Try incorporating certain de-stressing practices into your schedule as a method of calming down- meditation, regular exercise, massages, walking, getting some fresh air or just taking some “me time” everyday are great suggestions to feel a bit more centered and less stressed.

3. Maintain An Organized Lifestyle

Common advice given to anyone is to remain organized in order to complete tasks to the best of your ability – clutter and untidiness can often lead to forgetfulness and inefficiency. So why not use this advice for your brain function too? Try keeping your environment clean and tidy, and tackle your daily tasks in an organized manner. Utilizing tools like calendars, smartwatches, smartphones, alarms, writing out lists and setting reminders is a great way to keep your cognitive function sharp. By organizing your lifestyle and remaining neat, you can avoid confusion, pressure and unnecessary stress that can tire out your brain quickly.

As you age, you may notice certain changes in your mental sharpness, memory and general cognitive functions. While this is a completely normal part of getting older, there are ways to maintain your brain’s optimal functionality for as long as possible. Try following through on some of these quick tips and you should notice some differences in your everyday cognitive capacity.



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3 Tips to Maintain Mental Sharpness as You Get Older