3 Keys to a Youthful Appearance for Women Over 50

By on November 11, 2020
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As we women age, the struggle to maintain certain aspects of our physical appearance becomes harder. Especially as women over 50 head into menopause, our hormone fluctuations continue to adjust more than just our internal thermometer.

There are 3 areas of our physical appearance that are harder than others to maintain with age. The best thing to do is find outside contributors to boost your body’s ability to win the battle in pausing the effects of aging.

Hair growth and loss

Hair is one of the first things people notice about us when we meet them. Hairstyles convey aspects of your style and personality. Like other parts of your body, your hair is exposed to repeated free radical attacks and ongoing oxidative stress from environmental toxins.  The pigment-forming melanocytes in your hair follicles and can compromise the DNA of your hair cells, resulting in the two most telltale signs of aging hair—thinning and graying.

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To keep a youthful appearance as we age beyond 50, we can assist our bodies with supplementing with natural products. Stop Aging Now’s HairGevity™ is a unique, nature-based, and chemical-free solution to help you maintain a lustrous and full head of hair with the incredible bonus of reducing gray hair, regardless of your age.  You can receive 40% Off + Free Shipping on HairGevity and on all other products from Stop Aging Now by using code BETTER40.

Skin moisture and firmness

Collagen is a major component of the human body, making up almost 30% of its protein matter. 80% of the dry mass of skin also is comprised of collagen. While collagen is used primarily for skincare, it is a critical building block for the structure and function of many organs and systems.

With the aging process, women over 50 are producing less collagen naturally. Menopause is also a great contributor to the depleted amounts of collagen in our bodies. Women over 50 can add collagen supplements to their daily schedule to counter the lower production levels. By having more collagen in our bodies, we can boost healthy tissue internally on externally. 

To keep a youthful appearance as we age beyond 50, try Stop Aging Now’s Collagen360™ Types I & III Powder.  Their fast-acting formula has been shown to increase collagen by 65% in just eight weeks, plus improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes by 32% in four weeks!

Joint and body aches

The youth and those with a youthful appearance are active and perform various physical activities. As women age, their bodies experience more aches and pains which leads to less activity. It is also a longer healing time for women over 50 over their younger counterparts. All of these various aches and pains remove the desire for us to be active. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy, because the less active we are, the harder it is to be active and stronger.

To maintain a more youthful appearance, we need to maintain levels of exercise and physical activity. It is better to be pro-active in avoiding aches and pains. Rather than using a pain reliever, it is better to fuel our bodies with calcium and magnesium in their optimal forms. 

Many Americans don’t get enough calcium. Calcium is an important ingredient for building and maintaining strong bones. However, it is only one of several nutrients involved in maintaining bone density. It is especially important for the ratio of calcium you are taking in with magnesium to be a 2:1 ratio,. as well as other synergistic nutrients, in order for the calcium to be effective.  BoneTrex® Complex with Calcium from Stop Aging Now has a cutting-edge formula designed to ensure strong and healthy bones as you age. 

To keep the appearance of a youthful woman over 50, looking after these three key areas will help. Your firm skin and healthy-looking hair will go a long way as you run past those younger women in your neighborhood.

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3 Keys to a Youthful Appearance for Women Over 50