3 Activities to Liven Up Your Day

By on April 26, 2016
3 activities to liven up your day

By Laura Ashbury –

As you get older, long days without any planned activities can become boring. Many retirees find that they miss the challenges of having a full time career or job , or the years their children were still at home; juggling the many responsibilities that comes with work and family.

Finding the right balance between doing too little and too much is truly what can make retirement living more enjoyable.  Keeping active without being over committed or taking on more than you want to. After all, we’ve worked hard and retirement should be a time we allow ourselves to do the things we love to do.


Below are 3 great activities that can help you strike that balance, keep you active, and enjoying your retirement years. Now is a great time to discover new things that will make you cherish each day.

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Go Take a Hike

If you start to feel uninterested or maybe even a little depressed during the day, heading into nature is one of the most effective ways to brighten your mood. According to some scientists, taking hikes encourages people to engage more with their natural surroundings instead of getting lost in their own thoughts. No matter how it works, plenty of studies show that spending time in nature lowers stress and improves your well-being.

You don’t necessarily need a local state park or nature preserve to enjoy a hike. Most large cities have impressive park systems that will give you plenty of places to explore. You will still reap most of the benefits just by wandering through some trees. Plus, it’s always fun to watch the local wildlife, even if it’s just a scurry of squirrels.

Find a Craft You Enjoy

Crafts are a great way to focus your energy on projects that can give you a sense of accomplishment. Since there are so many different types of crafts, there is an option out there that will appeal to you.

Some ideas you might want to explore include:

  • Decorating your mailbox for the season
  • Knitting blankets and sweaters
  • Arranging flowers
  • Using origami to make animals

While you can find most of the supplies you need at an arts and crafts store, you should also explore materials from a Home Depot. It’s often a good place to find mailboxes, wood, wire and other supplies that you will need for your projects.


Gardening is one of the most rewarding activities that you can use to make your day interesting and fun. This is an especially good option if you don’t have easy access to a nature preserve or large park. Just getting your hands in the dirt could make you healthier and happier.

It might not seem obvious at first, but gardening is also an exciting way to spend your time. It’s an absolute thrill to see seedlings sprout after days of waiting. There is also the joy of picking the season’s first tomato.

If you don’t have a yard that’s big enough for a garden, then you can try container gardening. This approach lets you grow a wide range of flowers, fruits and vegetables on your window sill or patio.

No matter what your interests are, you can find activities to liven up your day. If none of these appeal to you, spend some time thinking about the things you enjoy. Eventually, you will discover an idea that excites you.

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3 Activities to Liven Up Your Day