• what you need to know about your abs
    What Athletes Know You Need To Know About Your Core: The Truth About Abs

    By Debra Atkinson– Sprinting Trains Abs Think of the last sprinter at any level that you saw. Trim, toned waist and flat abs. Speed requires a strong core. Which comes first the chicken or the egg? It works...

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  • 4 Sports to Stay Healthy and Active at Any Age
    4 Sports to Stay Healthy and Active at Any Age

     By Erica Tiffany– Turning 50 doesn’t mean the end of physical fitness — in fact, it can even be the perfect time to start a new wellness regimen. From helping to reduce the symptoms of menopause to...

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  • Sharon_Hurley_Hall_weight_loss-300x199
    How I Dropped a Size in Two Months with Slow-Carb

    By Sharon Hurley Hall – Seventeen pounds in eight weeks – that’s what I’ve lost on the slow carb diet. The diet is part of the 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss, which can best be described...

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  • Jill_Demby_photo_woman_with_working_out-300x199
    Discovering a Love for Your Body through a Weight Training System

    By Jill Demby Guest– Like so many women, the idea of fully loving my body was a foreign concept. Love my body? Who me? I could admit to loving parts of my body, but in total, never....

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  • Shawna_Hamilton_photo_personal_training-200x300
    Personal Training Can Take You to the Next Level

    By Shawna L. Hamilton B.A.,BKin.,H.D – My husband and I love training people and we especially enjoyed working with Cathy Duggan, whose story is covered in related article “Pursuing Your Passions at 50+”. Cathey was such a...

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