The Secret to Making Your Resolutions Last All Year (Hint: There’s Cocoa Involved)

    By Keri Glassman – Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? If you have, I’m going to bet they don’t include cocoa. But maybe they should! I’ll share more on that in a minute. I’ve never...

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  • A Simple New Year’s Resolution: Fine Tune Your Attitude
    A Simple New Year’s Resolution: Fine Tune Your Attitude

    When the New Year rolls around, most people set lofty goals—to lose weight, find a better paying job, finish a languishing project, but one way to fulfill many New Year’s resolutions is to start with a simple...

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  • Sandra Glahn Junk
    One Person’s Junk…

    By Sandra Glahn− If the new year has brought with it a desire to get more organized, why not dispose of items in a way that benefits others or at least has the least effect on the...

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  • Happy New Year - say goodbye to bulging waistline
    With the New Year Just Ahead – Say Goodbye to a Bulging Waistline

    By Ayo Olaniyan – So, you’ve enjoyed a few too many mince pies and Turkey sandwiches the Holiday, and now you’re battling a bulging waistline…maybe finding it difficult to fit into your favorite pair of jeans. This...

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  • my resolutions written on calendar
    Do You Believe in New Year’s Resolutions?

    By Monique Wells – The following question was posted online by one of the participants in a wealth and business mentoring group that I belong to: It’s the 6th of January. Is it too late to be...

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  • image of pretty cooking pot
    New Year’s Soup

    By Lynn Mosher – Last year, I read a post and the last sentence made me think, “And the empty pot awaits, ready for a fresh batch.” It reminded me of the story of Stone Soup. If...

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  • calendar and writing pad with resolutions
    Is Change Really Necessary for New Year’s Resolutions?

    By Gina Burgess – Okay, Okay… I know I’m late. I get depressed thinking about making New Year Resolutions. Do you? Do you look at your list six months down the road and think… ACK! I’ve failed!...

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  • Sira-Anamwong-300x300
    Don’t Make Resolutions – Make Change

    New Year’s Resolutions are promises we make to ourselves about a future vision we wish to achieve, but much more often than not, we lack the strategy, commitment, focus, and accountability to make them a reality. An...

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    Turn Your Resolutions Into Habits

    Completely You: Lifestyle By Karen Cicero for Completely You – Surprise: More new year’s resolutions than you’d think still go strong after six months — in fact, at least 40 percent of them do, according to John...

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  • Kathleen-Cooke_photo_woman-thinking-lying-down-242x300
    How to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Work for 2013!

    By Kathleen & Phil Cooke – The greatest secret to making New Year’s resolution’s work is understanding the power of change. Want to lose weight? Get a better job? Go back to college? Find a spouse? Get...

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