• Redefining Motherhood
    Redefining Motherhood

    By Myrna Beth Haskell– My daughter and I were lounging by the fire pit talking about college, friendships, what holds a marriage together, and world peace. It suddenly hit me. The beautiful, young woman beside me –tanned...

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  • Beth Haven - bookcover
    A Mother’s Day Gift to You: A Mother’s Time Capsule

    By Beth Havey – May is truly spring—and the perfect time to celebrate birth, new life and being a mom. The flowering trees shout out, celebrate! And many of us begin to think about the beginnings of...

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  • Ellen Dolgen photo of smiling mature woman
    Boomers Take a Bow–Time for Your Encore Career

    By Ellen Dolgen – Seems like when you’re raising kids or climbing the career ladder, it’s all about checking off ‘to do’ lists. Constant activity, travel, ballgames and baby-sitters can make your head spin. Suddenly, you’re done....

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    Coaching Corner Q&A: Is This What “Mommy Burn-Out” Looks Like?

    Welcome to Dr. Ann’s Coaching Corner! This week, CB writes in to get a fresh outlook on her multi-tasked-out life. Is this what “Mommy burn-out” looks like? Dr. Ann, I am 35 years old. I have been...

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  • Prayers Come Home

    A prayer is a journey released. I believe That when you pray for other people, that prayer goes on a journey, And like all journeys, come back home. Prayer returned home. Come back home in the manner...

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    Today, Find The Beauty Before You

    I was recently at the YMCA, talking to some of my special senior friends there. These women are so full of wisdom, wit, and energy! When I grow up some more, I want to be just like...

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    Yesterday, I Cut Back On Crazy (And Did The Things That Matter Most)

    Every so often, and maybe a whole lot,  as a mom I have to stop and ask myself: “Who is driving this thing?”   Because I get caught up. I get caught up in crazy. If you’re...

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    Reclaiming Motherhood

    The Crash Shattered More than Just a Rental Car             Do you ever question your motherhood, fatherhood–asking if you’re doing a good job? If a child fails a class, or cannot make...

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  • Sharon_Hurley_photo_of_mature_woman_and_daughter-300x200
    Being an Older Mom – Triumphs and Tribulations

    By Sharon Hurley Hall- By the time my mom was my age I had finished college. My life is very different: my daughter’s just 8 and by the time she’s finished college, I’ll be heading towards retirement...

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  • photo_happy_mothers_day_123rf-150x150
    What I learned being a Mother

       By Marty Oravetz – As a mother of three, stepmother of two, grandmother of 12 and great-grandmother of one, I’ve learned that being a mother is a lifetime occupation. Every day is filled with trial and...

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